Winter Beauty Tips

Young adult girl in winter park, shallow DOF

Dropping temperatures and cold winds don’t have to go hand-in-hand with frizzy hair and dry, sullen skin. Don’t miss our top winter beauty tips to stay glowing and gorgeous – even when the weather isn’t!

Stay Hydrated

We tend to feel less thirsty in the winter months, but it’s absolutely crucial that we keep ourselves – and our skin – hydrated, inside and out. In addition to drinking plenty of water, herbal teas and clear soups are more creative ways to get your daily H2O and flush out toxins. You can also try adding some moisture to your home with a humidifier in the bedroom, which can help keep skin from over-drying and clear sinuses in cold weather.

Keep Your Glow

Certain foods can help your skin glow from the inside out, so make sure you eat plenty of oily fish like salmon and tuna (high in omega-3 which help plump up skin’s collagen production), spinach and avocados (high in vitamin E, which protects skin from UV rays and cell damage) and vitamin C-rich foods like tomatoes and citrus fruits (they’ll help stave off wrinkles). Sugar won’t be doing any favors for sallow winter skin, so get snacking on seeds and nuts for a zinc boost, essential for preventing rashes and unwanted skin irritations.

Styling Your Hair

Heat styling and dried-out hair aren’t exactly the best of friends, but it’s tough for most of us to resist reaching for the styling tools, especially when we have a party we need to look fabulous for. Warren Holmes, International Creative Director at Nicky Clarke, who has styled the locks of Sienna Miller and Kate Moss, recommends using a low-heat setting on a dryer with ceramic technology (try Nicky Clarke’s Salon Pro AC Dryer with advanced shine technology), to achieve silky styles without damaging your hair. Holmes also suggests getting a new cut and color to reinvigorate dull tresses. ‘Remove all those damaged ends by getting them cut. Start afresh; you are better off removing the split ends and then starting to repair your hair.’ As for color, Holmes says it’s a great way to energize air in the winter season. ‘A couple of highlights in the fringe show movement on even a rich, dark color.’

Keep It Cool

Even though nothing seems more comforting than a steaming long, hot shower, it’s a sure-fire way to dry out your skin even faster. Avoid long, hot baths too, and make sure to pat skin dry afterwards instead of rubbing with a towel, which can strip skin of its natural moisture barrier. And don’t forget the moisturiser – apply while skin is still damp for maximum penetration.

Scrub Away

Your winter body needs a lot of TLC – just because it’s under wraps doesn’t mean having your legs trapped in tights and thick fabrics all day isn’t taking its toll on skin. According to beauty guru Marcia Kilgore, the woman behind Bliss and Soap & Glory, exfoliation should be a regular feature of your body care regime, to keep skin glowing in winter. ‘Incorporate an exfoliator into your shower routine at least three times weekly, to slough away dead skin cells quicker,’ she advises. ‘Not only will it stimulate circulation, your after-shower moisturising lotions will sink in quicker. And by the way, just say NO to loofahs. Once used, they are loaded with bacteria build-up.’ She recommends Soap & Glory’s Sugar Crush, made with smashed brown sugar, sweet lime, almond oil and macadamia grains. As for your winter hose, choose tights made from natural fabrics that are less likely to clog pores and cause irritations or pesky ingrown hairs.


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