3 Beauty Hacks to De-Stress Your Makeup Routine


1. Spritz hairspray onto a spoolie brush before grooming your brows.
A little hairspray can go a long way when it comes to taming unruly brow hairs and helping the pigment from your eyebrow pencil or powder to adhere better.

2. Adhere broken lipstick pieces with a blowdryer.
Before you toss out your broken red lipstick, try heating up the fragmented pieces with a blowdryer. Use your fingers to seal the ends and place into the fridge (sans cap) overnight. In the morning, your lipstick should be good as new.

3. Keep unwanted glitter eyeshadow from sticking with translucent powder.
Brush on a thick layer of translucent powder before applying glitter eye makeup. Then use a fluffy brush to sweep away the stray flecks of shimmer where it shouldn’t have landed.


What other hacks do you use to make your everyday routine more simple?


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