Tempting Thanksgiving Treats


It’s the day before Thanksgiving! The only things on our mind is turkey and all the fixin’s. But, lets end this week the right way — with desserts! Okay, so maybe the desserts get rolled into “dinner,” or maybe even “appetizers.” No matter the order you eat them in, these 5 final offerings are sure to please. Just be sure to save a portion for yourself, once they’re served!

1. Berkshire pumpkin pie

No Thanksgiving dessert list is complete without this holiday must-have. We won’t even bother taking time to discuss it. We’ll just point you in the direction of the photo gracing the first spot in the slideshow above.

2. Pear-cardamom crostada

Cardamom, cinnamon, cranberries, peaches and pumpkin come together in what the creator describes as a “free-form pie.” Have some fun with this one; the recipe describes a rectangular tart, but that doesn’t mean you must hold to that shape. Just make sure your creation can still hold the rest of the ingredients!

3. Pumpkin honey doughnuts

Thanksgivvukah strikes again! The two-holiday collision has been in previous “5 recipes” posts, blending flavors and traditions. For this recipe, just picture a ball of pumpkin pie, fried, with a cinnamon-and-lemon-spiked honey glaze. That’s the flavor the creator describes.

4. Slow cooker apple-cranberry cake

You read that right. A cake made in a slow cooker. Batter is poured straight into a slightly greased crock and topped with apple, cranberries and orange marmalade. The recipe recommends it be served with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream, and we agree!

5. Candied apple pie

We found this recipe in one of our articles all about apples. We thought “candy apples and pie? We’re in!” Then we saw that the recipe calls for 20 cinnamon red hot candies. Intrigued? So were we. A spicy kick to the good ol’ apple pie that may sneak up on some of your guests!

What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving treats?

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