Foxy, Not Boxy!

Thank you Angie for your review on our new fitted Dickies scrub top!


“Though one of my classmates does actually wear heels to anatomy lab, I’m simply using them for demonstration purposes so that my old scrub bottoms don’t look even baggier. As you can tell from the photo above, the fit is still loose enough to allow movement but not a bad case of the “boxies” like on the right. I’m grateful our hospital scrubs are free to borrow but the powder blue potato sacks are not the most stylish thing to parade around in. Believe it or not, the blue top I’m wearing is an XS !”


“The right pocket is large enough to fit my full sized wristlet while the left is a larger one with a smaller one in front (a nice place for my phone, for example). There is even a loop for a pen but I am used to clipping it in my breast pocket, which this scrub top lacks. All the pockets fit so many things and hide them out of view without looking too bulky – I definitely feel like a kangaroo with all this pocket space potential!”

Read the rest of Angie’s review on her blog Pandaphilia where she is offering a coupon code for 15% off your next Uniformed Scrubs purchase!


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