Rave Review!

Uniformed ReviewNurse Frugal just posted a rave review about one of our Dickies scrub sets!

scrubs1 (1)

“Lots of pockets: As a nurse I tend to carry a variety of items with me at all times such as: scissors, tape, alcohol swabs, pens, scratch paper, chapstick, gum, rubber-bands and bobby pins. I need alot of room in those pockets!

Comfy material: The last thing I want is to feel super uncomfortable all day in my scrubs/pajamas!  The material is soft and delicate on my skin!

Length: The last thing I want is to have a high-water top, especially since I have a fairly long torso!  I love the length of this top!  I don’t have to worry about reaching up to hang an IV bag and flashing my patient a little belly button!

Style:  I wasn’t endowed with the most shapeliest of figures. This top helps to accentuate some shape without looking like I’m wearing a paper bag!  The material cinches in the back which will give anyone the appearance of a waist!  Sweet!”

To read more of the Dickies scrub set review visit Nurse Frugal’s blog, The Life of a Frugal Nurse and receive a 15% off coupon code that she is offering to her readers for your next Uniformed Scrubs purchase!

Thank you for loving our scrubs just as much as we do!



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