Raving Review!

Uniformed Review

Thank you Mary Armstrong for featuring us in a rave review blog post!

“The second I opened the package and took the nurse scrub top out of the bag I knew something was different about this line of Cherokee. This was an amazing top. It was super soft something that is really important to me..I mean I’m going to spend hours a day in this fabric I sure don’t want it to me tight, constricting, or scratchy and this top was NONE of those. It was soft and very true to size. I’m a busty gal and this top had plenty of room for my girls which of course is something I prefer.

I’m obsessed enough that I will be purchasing the pants to match! “

Not only was Mary impressed with the Cherokee scrub top that she received, she also goes on to say, ” Uniformed Scrubs also had plenty of women’s scrubs to choose from. Browsing through their pages I have also noted that they have really great prices! Of course as a student this is very important! I highly recommend that if you are looking for high quality scrubs at a good price to check out this company.”

To read the rest of Mary’s review visit her blog This is How My Garden Grows and also take advantage of the coupon code she is offering her readers for 15 % off of your purchase at Uniformed Scrubs!

Thank you, Mary!

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