Review and Coupon Code!

Thank you so much for another great product review from blogger Misty Stroman Venne!

Uniformed Review

Misty was sent a women’s scrub top from the Cherokee Body Collection.
“It’s comfortable and stretchy!! I don’t feel confined in it like I do in the uniform top I have to wear for school right now.” The Cherokee Body scrub tops are definitely one of the most popular items we carry.
Cherokee 2834

Cherokee 2834

Misty goes on to say, “The back has a stretchy band that just lets you move and go where you need to without it tugging or tightening up on you!! I also liked the length of it. When standing, the tips of my fingers fall just below the bottom of the shirt. This hides all kinds of stuff and won’t show the top of your pants!!”

Misty is offering a coupon code to be used during checkout at Uniformed Scrubs.
For more of  Misty’s review and the exclusive promotional code, check out on her blog!

For those of you wanting to try your own figure flattering Cherokee scrub top visit us at! Don’t forget to browse the sale scrubs for the best prices online!

Thank you Misty for your wonderful review!

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