Cherokee’s stylish designs, comfort, and quality has made it a favorite ready-to-wear brand among women. A recent survey ranked Cherokee among the top 10 brands for women’s apparel, so it is no wonder that it is also a favorite brand among healthcare workers. Cherokee’s Women’s Scrub V-Neck Top in Scribbles & Butterflies is currently the top seller on The brand’s beautiful designs add a little more personality to uniforms without sacrificing functionality, comfort, and professional appearance.

Cherokee works tirelessly with artists to create a broad array of exclusive beautiful and vibrant designs for its highly lauded medical scrubs. Consumers can purchase scrubs in a  wide variety of prints from floral to geometric. The best selling Women’s Scrub V-Neck Top in Scribbles & Butterflies is just one of many examples of the quality and beauty of Cherokee’s scrub prints.

It’s not just designers the company works with to craft their high quality scrubs. Cherokee also consults a nationwide panel of nurses. These nurses provide feedback on new products and industry trends. They also function as testers of the nursing scrubs before the scrubs hit the consumer market. Testing the garments on the professionals who will wear them ensures Cherokee scrubs maintain their high quality and functionality.

Cherokee joins the ranks other high caliber medical scrubs designers, such as Dickies, Adar Medical Uniforms, and Baby Phat, in the Uniformed Scrubs store.


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