Cherokee Runway Medical Scrubs

New York, Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo– For Cherokee’s Runway line they sought out the world’s most exciting trends and created fashionista-friendly women’s scrubs that are “ready-to-wear” everyday. Cherokee’s Runway scrubs range in size from XS-3XL. You can get the entire line at our site


Cherokee Shangri-La Scrub Top

Cherokee Zen-timental Scrub Top

The WABI SABI sub-line has heavy Asian influences. The prints created for the WABI SABI are reminiscent of water-color paintings–tranquil and beautiful. You can choose from three different scrub print tops and designs. Each top comes in three different colors schemes. One of the best sellers is Zen-timental, which is a fun pink top with a delicate flower pattern and a cute bow attached at the side.


Cherokee Solid Black Scrub Top

Cherokee Sold White Scrub Top

For those of you who need or desire simple solid colored scrubs embellished with sophisticated style, the Solids is where you want to look. The Round Neck scrub top from this  line comes in black and white. It has a gorgeous asymmetrical lace inset and embroidery around the neckline and side vents The Solids add a touch of simplistic sophistication to your day.


Cherokee Vanishing Act Scrub Top

Cherokee Fantasia Scrub Top

Floral print lovers will love the Floristry. These aren’t your grandmother’s old school floral prints. Floristry are glamorous floral prints with a modern interpretation. The two scoop neck tops are created with soft pastel colors and give the impression that they are watercolor paintings.

Wild Beauty

Cherokee Dot’s So Wild Scrub Top

Cherokee Magical Wings Scrub Top

Wild Beauty brings nature to the office. These prints are alive with feminine flair. The scoop neck Dot’s So Wild scrub top is a fun print. The top has various animal prints encased in individual circles. It comes in five different colors. The Magic Wings scoop neck top has gorgeously colored dragonflies decorating the 100% Cotton Swiss Dot top.

Nature’s Charm

Cherokee Avery Scrub Top

Cherokee Paisley Hearts Scrub Top

Cherokee Embroidered Garden Scrub Top

Nature’s Charm is blooming with beauty. Stitched With Roses, Paisley Hearts, and Avery Top all come in two different styles.  All three of those tops as well as Embroidered Garden come in a multitude of color schemes. You have your pick of 12 color schemes.  If  you love soft colors and delicate designs then you’ll love the Avery Top and the Paisley Hearts prints.

You Inspire Me

Cherokee Inspiration Scrub Top

Inspire, motivate, and uplift with the right touch or charm from the You Inspire Me. Get beautifully uplifting and motivation scrub tops to bring a smile to people’s faces. The Inspiration scrub top, pictured below, is a best seller and comes in three color schemes.

Dream Song

Cherokee Les Plumes Scrub Top

Cherokee Butterfly Confetti Scrub Top

Dreamy palettes and charming prints adorn scrub tops from the Dream Song sub-line. If ethereal and playful prints are your thing, then you will love the Dream Song. The Les Plumes and Butterfly Confetti tops are both scoop neck scoop. Butterfly Confetti comes in four color-schemes and the Les Plumes comes in an amazing nine schemes.

Stretch Prints

Cherokee Swirly Girl Scrub Top

Cherokee Daybreak Scrub Top

Cherokee Party Mix Scrub Top

Cherokee Moody Blooms Scrub Top

Stretch Prints bring  freedom of movement and festive styles to women’s scrub tops. The scoop neck Party Mix scrubs top has beautiful festive flowers upon a background of equally colorful dots connected by vines. You can get this top in four color-schemes. The Moody Blooms mock wrap top is anther floral top. However, this top has outlined sketches of flowers with a black contrast trim around the neck and under the bust. Moody Blooms comes in three color schemes. The Swirly Girl scrubs top has swirling flowers and leaves all around the top with a small round keyhole at the neck. Daybreak continues with the floral inspiration present in the other Stretch Print tops, only it has soft pastel flowers against a white background.


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